​Below are recommended skills to help adapt to the new future.

Digital literacy

Companies are adopting tech to automate. Focus and learn parts of the job that require a human touch and managing that tech. Digital literacy has gone from a nice to have to an essential part of the job.

Sales and influencing

You need to know how to sell: ideas, work and achievements to the team. Improve your negotiation skills to help bring folks over to your side.

Data decision making

Learn the basics of data relating to your job and learn to interpret and present data. Decisions are stronger when backed up by data.

Innovative thinking

Innovation as a word is overused in relation to tech, but the concept is important. Innovative thinking is about doing something that hasn't been tried before and makes you stand out.

Growth mindset

Even if you don't have the skills you have the ability to learn and grow into what you want to be. It helps ensure that you won't be stuck.

Relationship management

Managing relationships allows for collaboration and the ability to influence different cultures, departments and demographics. Ensure you carefully manage these relationships at work.