Perfect CV

No one wants a CV riddled with errors, spelling mistakes or waffle. 2 pages, nice and slick.

Why you?

What makes you unique, but also relevant for the role that you are applying for?


Research the role that you are applying for - if it has clear requirements that you MUST have, highlight them, but don't be offended if you don't make the cut.

Online profile

Needs to be on-point. And yes, that goes for all forms of your social profile, not just LinkedIn.

Don't give up

Keep applying, messaging and reaching out - eventually someone will respond. Hiring managers are unlikely to be waiting for your email in this market.

Choose your recruiter carefully

Work with an expert in your field. You wouldn't ask a random man on the street to paint your house would you?

Be flexible

It's unlikely in this market you will be getting a 20% pay increase, so unless you are working within a high demand sector set realistic goals.

Be open

The ideal job is unlikely to be out there in 2020, so be open minded about what is being presented.

Good luck!