Given the economic climate, lack of job security, and an often unwavering desire to better ourselves, it’s understandable why many candidates are keen to look overseas.

Realistically however, for many, 2020 will be a write-off.

Many countries are understandably looking after their own, so offering an expat a Visa for a job that could be deemed fillable by local talent is causing the biggest headache.

Travel. The inability to travel around the region quickly, and efficiently, has put further pressure on businesses to hire talent already in situ.

Languages. Many clients are looking for candidates who can add value with domestic clients, therefore local language skills are deemed highly desirable at the moment.

- The best chance of relocation is if you are senior.

- Have a highly desirable skill set.

- Be able to travel and relocate with relative ease.

- Be flexible in your choice of location and salary expectations.

The market will improve for many of us however I don’t see this happening until 2021.

If you have been looking at relocating, how have you found your application process so far?

Any hurdles, or obstacles you have faced?​