​We still work with many of our original clients from the early days of setting up the business.

We have also learnt who not to partner with, which saves time and heaps of stress.

Below the common traits of those we don't partner with:

- Clients who give really loose job specs, demand the world and give nothing in return.

- Clients who pull jobs halfway through assignments, don't return calls and use three other recruitment agencies at the same time.

- Inflexible clients, who take no advice and ignore any feedback we provide.

- Clients that choose to negotiate fees after you have found them the perfect candidate.

- Clients who don't want to talk about the service and remain obsessed with the price.

- Clients who show no respect for what we do or say, pay no attention to candidate ownership clauses and then refuse to pay the bill. Classic.

I've met all the above. They absorb time, destroy the teams self esteem and take focus away from those true clients and partners we should be investing time in.

There are plenty of clients who see the enormous value we bring to their business, choose to show them the love, and if you spot any of the above traits, then do yourself a favour and cut the cord.