​To my UX & UI Design network, open your diaries, book in a 2-hour slot for 7 pm tonight and title it "Build, Update or Refresh my Design Portfolio".

There is no better time than now to build an outstanding portfolio to showcase your work and land that dream job.

I would say 95% of design leaders I work with will expect to see a portfolio and in some cases, won't move forward to interview without seeing some examples of your work.

Yes, a CV is important but in the world of design, a portfolio comes first.

So how can you build an outstanding portfolio?

Website or Behance?

I'm always more impressed and intrigued when directed to a designer's site.

I'm not saying Behance is not suitable, but in today's world building a website is pretty straight forward, it may be worth the time.

Portfolio Content

A simple picture of your work is not enough.

It would help if you showcased clear and concise case studies of your design projects.

Less is more

3-5 detailed examples of design projects you have worked is better than having a cluttered website.

Tell your story and make it personal

Your portfolio needs to capture who you are and how you work.