Manage themselvesTop performers know when to involve others in their decision-making process. They also anticipate challenges and provide potential solutions before being told what to do.

Ask for feedback

Highly employable people are not scared of feedback, they ask for it because they know it's crucial to their evolution.

Know their worth

They know what they bring to the table - you have to value your experience and expertise if you want an employer to.

Elevate others and value relationships

Valuable people aim to provide value. They are team players who don't perceive relationships in terms of what they can get, but how they support.

Trust their intuition

In business, things often have to be quantifiable. Highly employable people never underestimate the power of their gut feeling, it's an edge.

Take ownership

Performers don't waste their energy on placing blame. They look at their role in a conflict or situation and aim to move forward productively.

Perceptive and know when to listen

Most employable people are able to assess all the factors at play in a given situation and gather insight from observing and listening.