​The freelance market seems to be picking up in Dubai at a rapid pace.

While many are seeing this as the only viable option due to Covid, other are seeing this as a golden opportunity to leave the corporate world, have more work life balance and maybe even earn more money.

I have been asked about freelancing and various questions about this style of working numerous times over the past few weeks.

I wanted to highlight some pros and cons of freelancing in Dubai;


Flexibility and work life balance –You choose your hours and days you work. Work anytime anywhere.

Ability to work with various clients – For some this keeps your career exciting; every day is different.

You’re in charge, you have complete authority and you can pick and choose what you really want to work.


You can’t guarantee on going work/projects and in turn a salary. There will be busy seasons and slow seasons. Can you survive?

Chasing payment – I think this point speaks for itself…

Lack of benefits – You won’t be getting your standard perm employee benefits (Annual flight ticket home, insurance, visa, holiday pay, bonus and so on). Make sure you factor in the costs.