​Covid isn't over, but firms know they have to move on.

Now is the time to embrace diversity hiring.

Don't go back to how it was before.


A diverse team gives you an edge:
- A broader range of skills and experience on your team.
- Increased language and cultural awareness.
- Larger and more varied candidate pools.


1. Audit job ads - Make changes to speak to a broader range of candidates. Look at the language you use.

2. Target sources where diverse candidates hang-out. Example: Heaps of online groups dedicated to women in tech.

3. Encourage your diverse employees to refer connections.

4. Offer internships to those groups.

5. Develop an employer brand that showcases diversity. Let your social and employees do the talking.

6. Create policies that appeal to diverse candidates. Such as flexibility around working hrs and days.

7. Eliminate bias in hiring
- Use blind CV's
- Use blind interviews

8. Use tech - It removes personal opinions about candidates and only focuses on what is relevant to the JD.

Diversity recruiting is about hiring the best.

We have been banging this drum for 5yrs. We can help you.