​*Location doesn’t limit the pool.
The search for talent used to be limited by geography or relocation budgets, now firms have the opportunity to tap into a global pool if they think smart.

*Demand for companies and industries is changing.
Talents are moving to established firms for security, a natural move during uncertain times. Tech in some areas is booming, more folks are shifting that way.

*Companies have to sell themselves.
Post Covid, selling your company to talent will be key. People will be more fussy. As we grow, professionals will have more choices.

*Perks don’t replace culture.
You can no longer rely on a booze trolley or table tennis table. Your actual culture needs to count.

*People are rethinking their purpose.
A side effect from periods at home is that people are rethinking work, the impact it has, and the value to society. We're meeting people who want to change direction.

*The business case for diversity is clear.
It is critical for business recovery, resilience, and reimagination.

*Reputation is key.
Candidates are informed about work conditions, and how firms have responded in these times will make a difference.

*Video interviews are now the norm.