​I mentioned before, the UAE is one of the few still open to expats.


A smaller local population and infrastructure investment. Dubai has (rightly or wrongly) been built under a 'build it and they will come' philosophy.

Businesses across the world, where the local population can support the numbers are told to hire local over foreigners.

On the senior side, little will change but the "mid market" expat sector is shrinking, especially in places like HK and Singapore.

In 5yrs since we opened HK, the market has flipped, the city has jobs, but Mandarin/Cantonese essential.

Singapore is making it clear that it seeks to cut the number of expatriates as the recession bites the economy.

Australia made it harder a few yrs ago, USA with higher unemployment numbers tougher and post Brexit UK a minefield

What is going to help?

Language and digital (no surprise) skills are in demand and will give you an edge.

Research your market. Consult with recruiters who can manage expectations.

Employers need to prove why you should have preference over a local.

Building a stronger local working population is a positive step.

It won't be like this forever.

New hubs will emerge.