​Here are my do's and don’ts.

* Format - font size, type, spacing, headings all the same. Never use the italic font

* Have a one paragraph intro summary about you at the top.

* Structure - three sub headlines for each job. Role, Responsibilities and Achievements.

* Dates - make sure they all make sense. If contract or full time, make that clear.

* Grammar – write in full, never slang or any form of text speak.

* Spelling – proofread, ask someone to read your CV.

* No gimmicks, no pictures, no colours, no pie charts etc...never.

* Let’s not read a novel - two pages, three max.

* Photos – no photos

* Contact information – address, phone and email – avoid a quirky email that draws the wrong conclusions!

* Save your CV with your name and surname as the file name.

* Tailor your CV. Do so every time.

* List interests and hobbies - do not say you like socialising, football and swimming. Saying something like keeping fit and travelling (list countries) is much better.

* Your CV tells a story. Don't make it dull.

You need to get this right and stand out. I hope this can help.