Spend time preparing for each interview. I recommend putting together agenda points which you can share with the candidate to add structure. Throughly read through the candidate's CV prior to meeting them so you can reference your conversation back to their CV and experience.

​Build a rapport

Many times when I take interview feedback from candidates they will say "I got a really good feeling from the person who interviewed me, we had a great chat and got on really well". It makes a massive difference if you get to know the candidate on a personal level and not just focusing on if they can do the job.​

Sell the benefits

It is normal for a candidate to be considering two or three different options during their job search (ideally). No longer is salary the most important thing for job seekers, it is the benefits that businesses offer such as flexible working, social and team events, health and wellbeing projects etc.​

Call to action

It is important to leave the candidate feeling comfortable at the end of an interview, I would recommend setting clear expectations of when they will be hearing back from you and what the next steps are.