​In an ever-evolving world, knowledge is power, and we must stay ahead of the curve.

From taking detailed UX job briefs from design leaders, listening to successful UX designers and reading about current trends in UX, I have put together four key areas all UX designers should be upskilling in right now;


An understanding of copy and UX writing experience is becoming more relevant. Text is crucial to any website or app.

Story Telling & Presentation Skills

Whether it’s an interview discussing your portfolio, design project/presentation, or running workshops having solid presentation skills is essential. Every aspect of your role will include not just creating solutions but demonstrating them effectively.

Front End Dev

Yes, this is an entirely different skill set to UX design, but understanding the basics of the front end will save time and give you a much deeper understanding of what is possible.

Project Management

More than ever, it seems UX designers are taking more of a project management role, especially when working with consultancies and agencies.