​I have no doubt that playing sport has played a part in shaping my world view.

I played rugby and football, truth be told I was better at football than rugby, but I loved rugby and how it was played. It has been instrumental in shaping some of my views.

It hurt and no one cared.

You suck it up, dust yourself down and get on with it, sort out your own retribution if required.

To get better you had to practice and put in the work.

Rugby is played hard, and it is played fair.

It is about the team, for great tries to be scored, the team need to come together to get the ball to the wing.

The parallels to business and leadership are clear. To improve you have to do extra, put in the hours and hone your craft.

I would recommend to any new person entering the world of business, be it a first job or taking a new business to market, to take some of the lessons learnt from sport and apply them to business.

You can't rely on lady luck.

You have to put in the work.