It's safe to say I struggled with 'Living for the weekend' a few yrs ago.

Here are some things I've learnt (and still learning to do) from my 40yrs on planet earth that I'm happy to share.

Say no.

Be sure to only say yes to extra work that you are capable of doing.

Work in a job you enjoy, with people you like.

You spend the majority of your life at work, if you aren't happy, this will have an adverse effect on your life.

Don't only work for money.

If you are staying in your role for money and nothing else, then don't.

Never stop learning.

Learn from people with more experience, you will grow personally and professionally.

Be productive outside of work.

When you feel down or tired because of work, you will struggle to motivate yourself outside of work.

Have a healthy work-life balance.

Switch off, allow yourself to do that.

Look after yourself.

Sacrificing your health for your career isn't a price that anyone should pay.

Disconnect from technology.

Appreciate the world around you.

Live life to the fullest.

Use up your holiday, make time for family and friends, get out of the house/office when you can. It will make all the difference in your job satisfaction.