Don’t take it personally.

You already know this but, reminder: no employer would ever bother to woo you, complete the interviews and generate an offer – only to insult their top candidate.

Do not let your anger or hurt feelings show.

This is the time for gathering your thoughts, making some solid decisions, and crafting a pitch-perfect response. It’s the time to showcase your composure and grace in moments of disappointment. It is not the time for acting like a prima donna or a fragile flower.

You should:

  • Analyse the gap

  • Analyse the market

  • Make the counter

That should be:

  • An upbeat restatement of your interest in joining the firm.

  • A brief comment that, while the offer is below your range, you would like to propose something to close that gap.

  • Details of your counter.

  • A thank you and reaffirmation of your interest.