​We have a group of clients we work really well with and even in this strange year, have been successful.

Part of that success has been that we really focussed on quality over quantity when it comes to who we work with, a winning decision.

Here is why we won't with companies that list jobs with multiple recruiters

- Clients get a service based on speed and nothing more. They do not get full commitment from any recruiter, and they damage their employer brand

- Candidates suffer as they do not get the service or care from recruiters who are too busy chasing mythical jobs in competition with tons of other recruiters.

For recruiters, I am telling you, multi listed contingency recruitment is a total nightmare, flying in the face of good process and sense.

For those hiring (clients) - you get annoyed dealing with recruiters who are encouraged to do a rushed job and don't follow process. Ironically the fault lies partially here for encouraging this behaviour in the first place!

This is a dysfunctional, counter productive business model.

If you choose to work exclusive then you will have better, longer lasting quality relationships, I assure you.