​What will make you shine at work?
Learn something relevant to work for immediate payoffs. For a content marketer, brush up on keeping updated on SEO and SEM trends to make sure your content is engaging but also reaching out to the right audiences.

What will make you less frustrated?
Current work from home arrangements present the opportunity to tackle aspects of work that you struggle with. Identify the ’weak links’ in work, find ways to improve. This could include reaching out to a colleague to find out how they complete their admin or articles on how you can manage your time more effectively.

What will help you develop a competitive advantage?
What do you see yourself doing, what skills are needed for you to work towards your goals? If you’re a developer but have plans to become a manager in future, you will need more than technical skills to land the role. You need leadership skills, to communicate across teams, as well as manage multiple project timelines.

What are you interested in learning more about?
List areas you have an interest in and do an online search. Start with something that calls out to you – a course, workshop or podcast.