​It's what keeps the best business people razor sharp.

These people rarely become complacent.

- They are in touch with new tools, always learning, all the time.

- They are always aware that they need an edge on competitors, on clients and tech (including colleagues breathing down their neck).

- They know 5% more than anyone else in the room on their speciality.

- They move first and do not follow behind

- They are experimenters and self-disrupt.

- They remain paranoid, looking out for the next threat.

- Reputation. Always aware of their reputation. A wise person once told me to always think "Did what I just did, or said, enhance or damage my reputation?"

- They Treat people with respect.

For me - it's always been fear of failure. Fear of it all ending tomorrow that keeps me motivated.

Do you have something that keeps you on the edge (apart from Covid)?