I can and do stick up for the industry lots, we have a big impact on people's lives.

That said, one area that I hear about and think recruiters can improve - 'The Candidate Experience'

I am not saying I’m a recruiting guru (I'm sure competitors of mine will sing from the hilltops saying so) but I have done this a few years, so here is what we need to do to improve the experience.


The biggest criticism I have heard about recruiters is this. My own agency has been guilty of it. The goal of any recruiter has to be to respond.

Don't keep them waiting.

Not in the office reception, or on a call. Be respectful and don't make people wait.

Manage Expectations.

We are often poor at managing expectations. Be real, if you think it's going to be hard to place them, that it might take 6 months or that you aren't the expert, make that clear.

Return Phone Calls.

Just do it.

Tell Candidates the bad news.

Don't be a coward, don't be selfish and don't leave people hanging.

Shut up and listen a little.

Be slow to understand what the candidate wants and thinks. You already know what you want and think, but listen to the candidate.

Give a little.

Offer advice, encouragement and show respect to people.