​This is the title of a brilliant book I'm reading by Jeff Wald.

In it, he makes 10 predictions.

By the year 2040, the world of work in the USA will be characterised by the following realities

1) 50% of the USA workforce will be in freelance, gig or agile roles.

2) 50% of Board Directors will be women and people of colour.

3) 33% of CEO's will be women or people of colour.

4) 100% of the workforce will be covered by healthcare and retirement plans.

5) Mandatory retirement will be almost abolished.

6) The fastest growing jobs and gigs are in manufacturing and tech sectors associated with AI, climate change, data sciences, health care, high-speed transport, machine learning and robotics.

7) 25% of high school grads will take apprenticeships rather than getting a degree.

8) More people will complete formal leadership programs than they will receive MBA's

9) Leadership effective scores for leaders will be commonplace and transparent.

10) At least 50% of the next 6 Presidents will be African American, Asian, Latinx, LGBTQ, Jewish, Muslim and/or women.

Intrigued to hear what you think?