​In a crowded marketplace it’s hard to stand out, so get focused, and get real.

  • Make that CV / folio / site sharp. If you are not working, you have no excuse.

  • Ensure that your LinkedIn profile is on point.

  • A client doesn't need to see your personal social profiles, so keep them private.

  • Realise that you will need to apply continuously in this market, often before you even get a nibble.

  • Don't expect a response all the time.

  • Don't look to the past. I've spoken to enough people who have said "I used to get paid..."

  • Be realistic. Both in title, salary, and opportunity.

  • Be flexible. If you can travel further to work, or take a pay cut, do it. It's short term pain for long-term gain.

  • Stay positive. Easier said than done I know, but no one wants to engage with an aggressive, frustrated applicant.

  • Practice makes perfect. Practice interview techniques, and career highlights so they become second nature.

  • Treat everyone with respect.

Good luck!