People will be more selective about the face to face contact they have. Even when back in the office, the use of video at this stage makes sense.

Companies will also be more open to hiring remote talent.

Why, well traditionally, interviews have always been an in-person part of the hiring process.

Video interviews were very much the poor relation but out of necessity, everyone is being interviewed on video.

This first stage, in my opinion, is about finding the fit for the role. Has this person done relevant things in their past which will help drive your business forward in the future, how do they explain their history etc...

This can all be done on video, fairly easily.

I think the general population will find it hard to hire without actually meeting people, but it's clear video will remain and streamline the process, some (especially start-ups) will continue to run the whole process on video, even in a post COVID world. It speeds the whole process up and many start-ups just can't afford to wait.

With the development of AI tools and video analysis, it all makes sense.

We're excited about it.