​Next week will be ten years since I first opened the doors of our recruiting firm. I’ve loved the ride and even in these times, we are doing well. It’s a journey I’d never want to change.

Here a few things I’d share with that young man as he embarks on his entrepreneurial journey

  • Your greatest success will come from your biggest failures. Resilience is your biggest asset.

  • Take the time to enjoy your success, don't try and do it all at once.

  • Avoid the shiny object syndrome, (entrepreneurs; stick to what you know and do that really well) Be the expert in your sector, go inch wide, mile deep.

  • Say no to clients, they will respect you for it (it's quite liberating).

  • Don't be seduced by the good times and prepare for the bad.

  • Financial crises, oil price crashes, riots and global pandemics will happen and all are out of your control!- Hire slower, fire faster.

  • Be a mentor to your staff, that is how you best serve them. Do not try and be everyone's friend; they don't need (or want) you as a friend (most already have plenty).

  • Revenue (and headcount) is vanity, profit is sanity and cash is reality.

  • Hire people better than you. There are lots of them (and you're allowed to say that).