So, here is DMCG Global Co-Founder Justin's advice on how to answer this simple, but very tricky question.

  • DON'T use a generic answer.

  • DON'T answer with a perceived positive like; 'I never know when to switch off' or 'I'm always fussing over small details'.

  • DON'T be too honest; 'I'm always late for work'. Trust me, people have said this.

It’s important to show you are aware of your weaknesses, and how you are working to overcome them.

“I’ve struggled to adapt to working remotely during C-19”.

So what have you done to work on this?

“As a result I have set aside key time during the day to spend time with family, this has resulted in me being more productive when I am working, and keeps me refreshed”

Go one step further.

“I’m now introducing a dedicated work space that can be packed away at a set time so I don’t have my ‘office’ take over my home”

This way you have acknowledged your personal weakness and demonstrated how you are adapting, however show you are still working on perfecting it.