​I rarely post anything that is personal on LinkedIn as I’ve always kept this platform open for professional/business related content.

So, having amassed a following of 10,000+ on LI I thought it only fair to share a little bit more about myself; for those who don’t know me, and for those that do - be nice!

- I studied Product & Transport Design at Coventry. I quickly realised I wasn’t that good.

- I was an extra in a Kevin Costner movie; guesses on a postcard?

- I’ve worked in recruitment for some 13+ years, specialising in design, branding, and all things creative.

- I launched MCG&Co in HK back in 2016. I’ve loved every minute of blood, sweat, and tears to get us to where we are now.

- I love cars. I’ve owned in excess of 30+ vehicles over a short space of time, often rebuilding, tuning and modifying them.

- Family & friends are the most important thing in life.

- I can cook. If I wasn’t in recruitment I’d be a chef running a beachside bar and grill on an island in Thailand.

- I love travelling and can’t wait to be able to explore the world again in 2021.

So, enough about me - what topics would my network find valuable for me to talk more about?