​I started 2020 with various goals and challenges I wanted to complete. I conquered the half marathon, passed my PADI and then COVID struck.

I'm now attempting my toughest challenge yet.

To implement a content plan on LinkedIn and to stick to it.

Those of you who know me will know I'm far from a social media influencer.

But my intention behind this is to ensure that my current network knows the real me and to keep you all updated with industry insights & trends.

So here it goes; Most people call me Pete, but for some reason, in Dubai, I have the nickname Pistol (Thanks Justin McGuire).

I graduated in Marketing at Portsmouth Uni then started my recruitment career in London specialising in UX & Digital Marketing.

Four years ago, I joined DMCG Global as a consultant to help build out their Digital offering in the Middle East.

I slowly moved through the ranks, and I'm now a Director.

I'm super passionate about recruiting across Experience Design, Digital Transformation and various other digital/tech skill sets.

I have worked with some of the most exciting design studio's, consultancies, agencies and brands since being in Dubai!

Aside from work, I love to travel and most importantly, golf.

With this, what topics would my network find valuable for me to talk more about?