​“You never got back to me” / “I sent you my CV, and you never bothered to respond.”

I get messages like this daily.

Sadly, I can’t respond to every CV, email, and message I get.

My days are usually packed from 8am, until well past 10pm daily, clocking up on average of around 60 hours a week.

Don’t take it personally if I don’t respond to you.

It’s highly unlikely that either myself, or any other hiring manager would respond to a message that has clearly not been thought through.

Think before you message. Is this the right person to message? Have I matched the details of the JD with my profile and experience?

Not getting a response is part and parcel of my role. I used to send out 100s of messages a week, to only receive back 1 or 2 responses. Clearly I was doing something wrong.

However, thinking cleverly, and offering up a more targeted, carefully written, and considered approach, to the right individual, increased my response rate exponentially.

If you’re struggling to get back positive responses (or any response at all), perhaps it’s time you changed your approach.

What’s your response rate been like lately?