​The thing that has helped me through the last few months is a resilient mindset.

I had to develop these skills when the collapse in oil prices hit our Dubai business a few years ago. I learnt and we got through it.

Now it's Covid. Thankfully we are in good health, undoubtedly that previous experience helped.

Here are things I do, which I'm happy to share:

Be real

Reality is, the situation is never normally as bad as you first think.

Be mindful

No one knows what the future holds, but what I can control is this very moment so I focus on that.

Be optimistic

I write down one thing a day that I've achieved. That way if I don’t meet goals that were probably unrealistic, I'm not hard on myself. I can focus on what's achieved.

Be compassionate

When I'm stressed, I tend to snap, not doing that anymore made a big difference.

Establish a routine

Getting up early and hitting the gym/running has been a saviour, ask my colleagues and they will no doubt tell you about my boring keep fit stories. It sets me up for the day, I love it.

Maintain connections

Spend more time with family and friends.


The body needs sleep.


Don't take yourself too seriously and laugh. I do, it's a loud laugh as well.