These statistics are based on data analysis from March until October 2020.


  • Overall 24% increase in orders.

  • Communications: Consistent all year. 5% increase in orders in corporate and Public Affairs. Consumer PR - down.

  • Digital: social, performance and UX/UI creative are strong. 10% growth.

  • Advertising: Media and creative 30% down.

  • Point to note: Work in KSA and Abu Dhabi up by 23%.

Hong Kong

  • Overall 15% increase in orders.

  • Communications: 5% increase.

  • Digital: Marketing has 10% growth.

  • Advertising: media and creative down 36%.

  • Point to note: China growing steadily. 8% growth.

  • This office hit by Covid and external factors such as protests and trade disputes.


  • Overall 30% increase in orders

  • Communications: Up 15% with solid performance in corporate and public affairs.

  • Digital: 15% growth in marketing.

  • Advertising: Agency down 32%

  • Point to note: Consulting, Brand & Design up 35%

  • Work in Japan: Increase of 30%

The DMCG team noted,

'Our APAC and MENA clients have proven to be quite resilient throughout the crisis, with the Middle East and Asian markets opening up as the number of coronavirus cases remains relatively low.'