​Never ever burn your bridges

The world is too small, too connected and the industry you work in will be even smaller. When serving your notice, be it through your choice or not, remember your actions will leave a lasting impression on former colleagues and bosses.

Always act professionally

I have seen many burnt reputations, be it senior or junior. Some handle themselves terribly and forget the lasting damage this can have on their career. You should continue your everyday work tasks as normal and offer ideas, and insights when required.

Remain focused on your work

Keep good attendance, be it virtual or in the office and don’t be late. Never speak badly about the company or your boss to current colleagues. I'd recommend arranging an exit interview to discuss why you are leaving to help the company in the future.

Leave on a good note

Write a detailed handover of your workload, ready for your replacement to work from. Whether your notice period is four weeks or three months, leave having shown respect. It will be remembered and people will respect you for it. Don't, and it could come to haunt you later - people definitely talk!