​Saying thanks makes you stand out.

I genuinely think sending a letter of thanks to the interviewer after the interview is a nice touch, I encourage it. Ask the recruiter for the hiring managers mail if you don't have it, or request the recruiter passes it on to the interviewer with you copied in.

Basic items to consider for your 'Thank You' email...

​Show gratitude

First, you want to be polite. Just as how you thanked the interviewer for his or her time, double down on the gratitude in the opening.

​Send a reminder

Emphasise once again why you are the right person for the job and why you applied in the first place. A proper interviewer should remember these points but, after a dozen meetings intentions can sometimes blur into one.

​Follow up on queries

No matter how prepared you are for an interview, we don’t always have all the facts and figures at the top of our heads. The ‘Thank You’ email after a job interview is a great opportunity to address some of the queries you weren’t able to answer before.

​Next moves

Close your email by reiterating your appreciation for the opportunity, then ask about how the situation should proceed.