​I do enjoy spending more time at home and the flexible hours.

I’m two days in the office, three at home on average.

Like many I’ve learnt to live and work with multiple distractions, not just those of colleagues.

I think the family have enjoyed seeing more of me around the house as well (I hope).

Things that have helped me make it work:

  • A permanent work space.

  • Investing in tech at home so the Zoom calls work.

  • Changing out of pyjamas.

  • Comfy office furniture so my back isn’t busted.

  • Being prepared for weird work hours.

  • Easy access to kids TV (Paw Patrol) to keep them quiet when needed.

  • Dog biscuits in top drawer.

  • Empathetic customers.

  • Healthy lunches and snacks.

  • Listening to music.

  • No alcohol before lunch ;)

I miss travelling and I do miss the interactions the ‘Pre Covid’ office life brought with it, but I think the future for many can be flexible, and believe we will learn to make it work.

I actually prefer this new way of life.