​No one likes getting rejected.

Especially if you wanted the job so, try and turn the experience into opportunity.

Ask for feedback.

Don't use this as an excuse to be stuck in a rut and pass up on a learning opportunity. Push the recruiter or HR for feedback.

Review and reflect.

Rebuild to try again. Go through everything that happened. Rank your performance for each part.

Identify learnings and build a plan.

Think about feedback from past rejections, reviews etc. What should your priorities be? What can you do to fix the gaps in your performance? Make a note of weaknesses use them to guide you.

Refine your search.

The interview process can make you realise that, although it’s disappointing to be rejected, the role didn’t feel right.

Be positive.

Rejection can be out of your hands and sometimes be in your interest. Some things can't be changed. If the interviewer prefers someone who speaks the local language, then the role wasn't for you.

Build resilience.

Developing a mindset of grit and resilience is essential. See each setback as a challenge to bounce back and deal with disappointment.

Rejection is temporary.

Getting turned down happens to everyone, the most important thing is what you learn from it.