1. Ask questions. If there was anything that becomes unclear the more you think about it, reach out for clarification...

  2. Seek out feedback throughout the year. If you were surprised by anything in the performance review (positive or negative), ask for feedback more often throughout the year. Asking for an informal appraisal can ensure you are on the right track.

  3. Look for your development areas. Rarely will anybody at any level get a 5-star review across the board. Even if you’ve shined from day one, there will always be something to improve on.

  4. Prepare for next year’s appraisal now by starting and updating a running list of accomplishments throughout the year. Some of your best work may have been done months before the appraisal, so write down your accomplishments as they happen, keeping detailed notes of results and why it was great work.

  5. Set goals that are in line with your measures of success for the upcoming year.

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