Often, to prevent brain drain, a company will make a counter offer to someone who says they might depart.

But at that point, the battle for that employee is pretty much over anyway.

When you tell an employer you’re leaving, you’re saying, "I’m unhappy. You may be able to buy me for another six months, but mostly, it’s the end of this chapter,’”

If you're happy, you're not even looking at other jobs.

Employers often forget that looking for a job is an exhausting process, and people only consider that route if they’re truly not content where they are.

If you’re really happy at work, you’re not interested in going down that road.

You want to make the most of your down time, have dinner with your friends and family and enjoy your life.

You don’t want to figure out how to arrange your work schedule to take an interview and go through a period of change.

Nobody wants that if they’re already satisfied.

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