Here are 4 reasons I think you should resist trash talking the competition:

1. Negative or angry energy isn’t attractive; it alienates, and casts you in a bad light. Think about the impression you make on a first date and spend the evening trashing former partners. It doesn’t matter whether the complaints are justified, the behaviour isn’t very likeable. And in order to build lasting customer relationships, we need customers to like us.

2. It reflects a lack of integrity. To build productive customer relationships, we also need customers to trust us. Talking badly behind someone’s back isn’t a trait of high character.

3. Social media has greatly expanded the opportunity and temptation for bashing competitors and people, but be warned: no platform is truly anonymous, and the risks far outweigh the benefits. Pointing out the flaws of your competitors can cast a negative light on your entire industry, so everyone loses.

4. Time with customers is precious! Every minute you spend badmouthing is a minute you didn’t spend communicating your own solutions and value to the customer.

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