According to recent research, 46% of new hires fail in their jobs within the first 18 months.

Of these, 89% happened due to reasons associated with attitude.

These included a lack of coach-ability, low levels of emotional intelligence, motivation and temperament.

What this implies is that by hiring people with the right attitude, an employer is able to reduce its turnover rate.

Putting attitude first doesn’t mean technical and soft skills are less important.

Skills are a crucial requisite for a new hire; however, skills can be assessed through technical tests or by viewing a candidate’s portfolio.

A candidate lacking certain non-critical skills can acquire those skills after joining the company as long as they have the right attitude.

In a high-cost location like Singapore, Dubai or HK, it is inevitable for employers to look for "near-perfect" candidates to keep the up-skilling time as low as possible.

Candidates that tick all the boxes is the ideal outcome of the interview process; however, in a tech driven world this rarely happens.

Our best hires, all have the right attitude.

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