In recruitment, I know many face this battle, but I saw this in my communications days and speak to business owners across the world in many industries who battle with this.

Although it may seem paradoxical - as saying yes is thought to open doors to opportunity, the things you say no to are often the catalysts that give you the time and focus to succeed.

Typically, saying yes isn't even the problem.

Not knowing what to say yes to, or saying it too often, is.

By saying yes too regularly, you risk spreading yourself too thin.

You risk prioritising what shouldn't be a priority.

You risk dedicating precious time and focus to activities that ultimately lead to counter productiveness, getting you nowhere closer to the end goal.

So, how do you know what to say yes to?

Ask yourself these three questions when you’re faced with a request:

- Will doing this help me get any closer towards the end goal?

- What am I giving up in order to make this yes happen?

- Is this yes important to me personally, or will it only be to appease someone else?

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