I was recently asked what attributes I like to see in our team, and mental agility is a key one.

The ability to switch gears in your mind from reacting to stress to responding to stress.

Reacting is instinctive and emotionally-driven. Responding is an objective approach.

A recent example of this that I can think of:

We worked hard to build a very detailed proposal for a brand looking to make multiple hires across APAC, but the lead went cold.

They stopped responding to our calls and emails, an exciting and potentially large source of income went dry.

I ranted and couldn't understand why this (potential) customer didn't even have the decency to respond given the efforts we put in to writing the proposal, even if it was just to say no.

I had to detach from the situation and reflect.

The reality is that their lack of response was a sign - they would have been a nightmare to work with and in fact we dodged a bullet.

We did our job well, the document was excellent and in fact, we learnt heaps that we then took to another customer.

Our response to this ultimately earned us a better client and our efforts never went to waste.

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