Companies like Bytedance, Shopee, Zoom, Google, FB and many others all scaling up.

The battle for tech talent is fierce.

The Singapore Economic Development Board announced that interest from global tech companies opening up in Singapore and expanding operations is strong, not to mention the number of existing "local" start-ups expanding.

The demand is high and the supply struggling to keep up.

In mid-September 2020, the communications ministry said there were nearly 10,000 tech-related job postings on government-run careers portals and another 6,800 jobs and traineeships will be created by June 2021.

Digital hiring has to have a targeted approach.

You need to know where to target talent, talk their language, understand the cost and strike with speed.

We have done this for many years and our embedded Talent partnership is model is made for those in growth mode.

We have scaled digital companies across the region, we have worked in-house and agency side and grown regional teams of 600+ people.

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