​Being forty, I find myself reading more and more about Generation Z (born mid-1990s to 2000s). It is not just about the millennial brigade.

We are also looking at opening up a DMCG Global Academy in Singapore to bring in new talents, I want to learn.

Below five things I have picked up from my reading about Gen Z. Feel free to let me know if you agree or not.

  1. They care about their salary : Typically they have grown up in an era of instability and crave stability. Gen Z do not chase good causes at the cost of security.

  2. They are self-sufficient : They collaborate well in teams but need personal rather than team-based rewards to keep motivated.

  3. Flexibility and Openness is key : They take full advantage of tech and want to work flexibly and communicate efficiently.

  4. They expect good tech : Technology is central to Gen Z and it can dictate choice of jobs, Gen Z are tech-obsessed and learn fast.

  5. They want to “do good” : Gen Z-ers expect more from employers when it comes to responsible business. Firms need to have a clear sustainable strategy that their employees can feel a part of.

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