2021 and we are seeing the seeds of recovery within Marketing and Advertising, unsurprisingly the demand is within digital creative, data and strategy. Client Servicing demand still remains slow.

The Communications sector across agencies and brands is doing well and the digi-tech market (engineering) continues to be in high demand.

Recruiters that can demonstrate the market is recovering and are able to identify and convince passive talent that held back in 2020 that now is the time to move, will thrive in 2021.

We know from talking to heaps of talented candidates that many have been playing a waiting game and are coiled springs.

Recruiters that invest genuine time to provide support and guidance to their network will stand out.

With the rise of flexible working models the talent pool has become more diverse than ever before-helping clients benefit from and understand the benefits of Diversity hiring is proving critical.

DMCG Global MENA/APAC are seeing a 15% growth when compared to Sept 2020.

We are expanding our team.