​1. “What are the most important qualities needed to excel in this role?”

This question highlights that you want to learn what you can do to be a great. It demonstrates that you are willing to self-reflect and determine whether you have these qualities, and if not, that you can bridge the gap. You are showing drive and motivation to succeed. By learning what you can do to excel, you can take the steps to apply this and be the exact candidate they are seeking.

It’s not always about the experience you have. Your attitude, motivation and passion can be equally important in helping you land the role. Communicate your eagerness to learn.

2. “What will be expected of me in the role within the first 30 days, 60 days and year?”

Asking this question will not only provide you with an insight in to what the role will involve, but allows you to communicate that you are someone that works well to the expectations placed upon them.

It highlights that you will be a candidate eager to deliver on their objectives, which is something every hiring manager wants. It also demonstrates that you are concerned with what you can do to provide value. Your value is what you really want to communicate.