Why did you join DMCG Global?

I joined DMCG because I enjoy the flexibility and creativity of working with a variety of clients. I wanted to do something different so joining DMCG was an easy choice.  DMCG takes care of the administrative responsibilities which allows me to put my focus on recruiting and providing clients and candidates with an amazing boutique like experience. 


Area of specialism/Discipline?

Cloud Architects and Solutions Engineers, Cybersecurity, Data & Business Intelligence, AI & Machine Learning and Blockchain. 


Number of years' experience in your specialism?

I have over 20 years of recruiting experience, I started way back, while in college. I’ve been lured away a time or two by sales, but found myself continually asking about staffing, who are they trying to hire and how can I help.  My #1 Strengths Finder quality is Included, I simply cannot turn it off.  ABR - Always be recruiting.   


If you had not joined DMCG Global, what would you be doing?

At this stage I’ve worked for large corporations like Apple, Amazon Web Services (AWS), ADP and even a turnaround effort at BlackBerry.  Yes, BlackBerry is still around, they protect over 500 million endpoints and over 215 million vehicles specializing in Cybersecurity.  I’d most likely be working for a smaller company in Cybersecurity. 


Favourite quote of the year?

“Every individual is a marvel of unknown and unrealized possibilities.”  ~Goethe