So, why a digital recruitment office in Amsterdam? 

Over the last five years, DMCG Global has noticed the agency and brand scene develop exponentially in Amsterdam, it’s almost unrecognisable. There has been a surge in office and home developments across the city, and with it, a huge demand for digital and marketing roles that incorporate the ultimate work/life balance.

We’ve also noticed a bigger focus from industry publications, they have been covering the successes of marketing agencies such as W&K, 180 and 72 & Sunny across the city. Not to mention, Big brands Heineken, and Philips are benefitting from huge growth there.

As recruitment specialists in the advertising, creative, marketing, communications and technology industries for agencies and brands, we believe this is a huge opportunity for us not to miss.  

For instance, Amsterdam has become a hotspot for UK creatives and developers to relocate to. This is mainly due to it only being a 40-minute flight from London, English speaking and promotes a creative and flexible culture throughout the city.

There is certainly a real attraction for living in central Amsterdam, cycling to work and experiencing a slightly slower pace of life. Not only is it winning over talent from the UK, but it’s attracting top candidates from Scandinavia, Germany, France and the
United States too.

What types of marketing and digital roles are there in Amsterdam?

There are many marketing, design and digital roles located within and around the city, these range from creative directors, copywriters right through to website developers, designers and digital strategists.

It’s widely known that people are given a 12-month contract in Amsterdam before both parties commit to a longer term and it seems to be working well. The chance of getting your visa sponsored is also higher too, this is compared to such places like London.

Dan Matthews, one of the Co-Founders at DMCG Global noted, “Amsterdam is a global creative hub and an attractive city to many candidates and clients alike, we’re excited to have a local presence there. By harnessing our global network, this will enable us to better serve our clients and candidates in Amsterdam more effectively, especially with our newly appointed office Director Natasha Stark at the helm.”