I think objections are good, and how you handle this is really important.

Receiving an objection means you’re in dialogue and it’s a good opportunity to put your point across, develop the relationship and put a positive step in place.

It’s okay to see someone’s viewpoint and agree, but also disagree – explaining on the other hand as to why from a different angle. This is best handled on the phone, not over e-mail, with an empathetic and positive tone.

  • They’re not the right culture fit.

  • Have you considered this person could add to your culture?

  • We’re not hiring until Q1.

  • I agree. On the other hand, I'd recommend now’s the right time to start the process. The person will likely be on notice and we’re already into October. December is also always quieter.

Actively looking for objections can really help the recruitment process.

Is there anything about this role you’re uncertain about?

What’s stopping you from saying yes?

Unearthing and tackling objections at the start and throughout the process won’t hinder, it’ll just remove roadblocks that you haven’t seen yet.