In our recent The PepTalk Co. with Damian Hughes, we discussed achieving high performance and the positive impact of Culture.

There are five types of Culture.

However, the Commitment Culture has the best chance of success.


Collection of most talented and highly paid individuals, the problem is everyone wants to be the head waiter, and no one wants to clean the dishes.


One or two leaders. It's their way or the highway, but there's a cliff edge if they falter or leave.


Middle managers set the tone, decisions made by committee and consensus. Change happens, but it's slow and ponderous with a lack of agility.


People recruited based primarily on a set of skills. They isolate rather than open themselves up to new ideas or knowledge sharing.


Solid foundations that start with humility, which has defined behaviours with emotional intelligence to cope under pressure.

As previously mentioned, the Commitment culture is the most popular. It has complete accountability and doesn't blame others, whilst having the ability to be flexible in its perspectives.