I recently wrote this article for Arabian Business about how the vaccine will impact the work-place.

"Should the vaccines prove to be successful, it could result in social distancing and other measures being relaxed or abolished, however, given the way in which we have had to adapt to living with Covid-19 in 2020/2021, it is likely that working conditions may never fully return to how they were before the pandemic."

Some more of the points made:

  • It is more likely that employers will encourage their staff to get vaccinated, especially those in regional or sales positions that involve meeting with customers.

  • If governments make vaccinations mandatory, employers might make having vaccinations a condition of employment.

  • Sectors like hospitality/retail will be keen to advertise that all their staff have been Covid-19 vaccinated โ€“ expect to see many marketing campaigns for years to come on this topic

  • Blanket vaccine requirements could bring a risk of discrimination claims, particularly on grounds of disability or religion.

  • Any employer requiring staff to be vaccinated where vaccines are relatively untested could be targeted with legal actions by employees who were forced into having first-generation vaccinations that cause side effects.

  • I expect that in the future businesses will include clauses related to vaccination in employment contracts

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