​Engaging on LinkedIn has become so much more important.

The network you build and how you talk to your peers and clients is invaluable.

As, quite frankly, we can't network physically anywhere else right now!

I wanted to reach out to our incredible base of 500k followers for DMCG Global on LinkedIn (yes that's a brag but some serious work has gone into building that! :D ) and ask how people feel about the current market and what this year has brought them…

For me hiring and the volume of it has always been an amazing economic litmus test.

Current hiring (as well as the economy) feels K shaped - some companies can't get enough people quick enough, and others are really struggling and might not survive.

Despite everything, I've enjoyed this year - it's given me more time with my son and family, growing a business that I'm incredibly proud of and learning more than I ever wanted to know about the Dutch tax system (!).